Flooring installation and refinishing


Flooring installation and hardwood refinishing

A whole-home remodeling project can mean you’ll experience flooring installation and hardwood refinishing all in the same project. The more you know about the services you expect, the better your results will be because you can choose options that genuinely fit your need. Here are some facts that can help you make the best choices for your upcoming remodel.

What to know for your remodel

In preparation for your remodel, you may choose to have your existing floors assessed to see if they need to be replaced or refinished. Once you find the necessities, we can proceed toward your best results. Hardwood floor refinishing is a fantastic way to avoid tearing out the old flooring and replacing it with new, but hardwood may not be your only floor covering.

Wood floor refinishing strips away years of damage due to wear and abuse so that you can add new stain colors, textures, and sealants. The result is a surface that looks like new floors have been installed, even though they may be decades old. And once refinished, you won't need to refinish them again for at least a decade or more, depending on your chosen options.

Whether sanding floors and refinishing an older hardwood or installing new floors, remodeling yields outstanding results in every space. When you're ready to discuss all your options, list your requirements and preferences, so we can put our experience to work to ensure your successful results. Plenty of materials match any need, and we can help you reach all your goals throughout your home.



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Yanon's Hardwood Flooring has more than 40 years of hardwood experience, and we’re ready to take on any project, however large or small your flooring installation is. Our team has traveled the world for continued education in flooring, but we've also taught for large companies. Learning, craftsmanship, and great attention to detail are some of the attributes we're best known for, and we put them all to work for your remodel.

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